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The ComFish project: Strengthening the impact of fisheries related research through dissemination, communication and technology transfer

Date: 2012-09-03

ComFish is a FP7 project that aims to increase dissemination of scientific knowledge on fisheries related research and to explore innovative mechanisms to improve communication between stakeholders: scientists, fishing industry, policy makers, interest groupings and the society at large, including the media.

  • This year, they published two new documents about marine research :

(2012) FP7 Cooperation - Theme 2 
Interim Catalogue of Marine related Projects (.pdf)



(2012) Marine-related proposals 2007 - 2010
An Analysis and Inventory across FP7 (.pdf)



  • Many videos explain clearly the challenge of fishery: videos


  • Next event: First ComFish Regional Participatory Stakeholder Event 5-6 November 2012. More information


  • To follow step by step the project, access to the Blog